Climemet: Forecasting Change in Education
Weather Fact:The fastest speed a falling raindrop can hit you is 18mph.
Key Benefits for your School
Online Access

The ClimeMET Learning & Data Suites are available online, to multiple users at any one time.

The Weather Information can even be fed through to your schools Intranet Site, giving up to date, accurate information about the current weather conditions at the school.




Tailored Material

The Learning Suite is split into the 5 Key Stages. Each Key Stage contains a range of learning materials and content all about the weather.

The Topic Pages & Case Studies also contain Interactive Data Links to our live weather data, and include Cross Curricular Learning tools to allow students to engage in a myriad of activities and learning opportunities



A Single Resource

The ClimeMET Learning Suite is that it is a wealth of information & data, all contained under one roof. When you have access to the ClimeMET Data, you donít have to use disparate data sources and unrelated weather information. We have created a centralised and dedicated resource for Teachers and Students.




Enhanced Data

We have then developed live links from this information to our unique Weather data. Rather than just reading about Weather, students get the opportunity to see it happening and interact with the data.

Our interactive data includes:

  • Temperature Analysis
  • Wind Report
  • Rainfall Data
  • Full Five Day Forecast


Affordable Price

ClimeMET have had a clear objective from the start, to get as many children interested in studying the weather as possible. We understand that often, budget restraints and funding cuts mean that there isnít much left in the kitty for new projects.

We have worked hard to make ClimeMET affordable and accessible. With prices starting at just £125 for a 12 month subscription, weíre confident that this is one investment which will add real value to your school.

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