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Weather Fact:Lightning is a powerful part of Earth's weather. A single bolt of lightning is hotter than the sun and in the time it takes to blink, lightning can strike the ground up to five times.

Weather Enthusiast

Davis Vantage Vue

The newest station from Davis Instruments provides accurate, reliable Weather Monitoring in a self contained, compact console.

Sleek but tough, this latest addition to the Davis catalogue is the perfect addition to any school. It is also compatible with other Davis products, so you can mix and match components to suit your needs.




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The Weather Enthusiast Package is a great value, entry level Weather Monitoring Solution, which comes complete with the following features:

  • Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station
  • Weatherlink Datalogger & Software
  • Davis mounting tripod
  • 1 Years Service & Maintenance Contract
  • A full Installation and Calibration Service
  • 1 Years subscription to ClimeMET Learning Suite
  • Remote Technical Support and Assistance
  • Full System Training
  • *Excludes carriage and mileage costs

Technical Specification
Time & Date
Moon Phase
Temperature & Humidity Sensors
Variable Display Options
Weather Comparison Features
Astronomical data display
User Friendly Keypad
Alarm options